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Hello! My son, Cameron, is eight years old and was very nervous about dental work that he had to have done with Dr. Ormsby. He had an unpleasant experience with his previous dentist. He had his work done and on the way home he told me the things that Dr. Ormsby did to help him relax. Cameron said, "Mom, he let me have headphones with country music!". He also told me "he gave me a mirror so I could watch." He seemed very pleased when he came out, but I can never tell with him. So, later that night he was getting his shower and was singing. I heard him singing a made up song about how much he loves Dr. Ormsby and how nice he is!!! Well, I think Cameron has made a new friend. Thank you all so much for treating my children with respect and kindness. I appreciate all of you very much!

Danielle Morgan